Picture 1: Scandic Hotel Hamburg EMPORIO courtyard .
The building

The EMPORIO complex

At 90 metres tall, the EMPORIO Tower is one of Hamburg’s highlights. Together with the Hotel Scandic, it forms the EMPORIO complex.

Discover the EMPORIO complex

The office of your dreams in EMPORIO

What you see is the original design from 1963 – what you experience is state-of-the-art technology. While the building’s striking appearance has been largely retained in accordance with its protected status, the EMPORIO high-rise in Hamburg has been virtually rebuilt from external façade to core in order to incorporate modern sustainability features.

  • Picture 5: EMPORIO Hamburg offers spectacular views and high-class spaces.
  • Picture 6: Reception area of an office within EMPORIO Tower.
  • Picture 7: Light and airy meeting room at EMPORIO Tower.

Cutting-edge technology

A historic building with state-of-the-art technology

During modernisation of the Hamburg high-rise and construction of the adjacent hotel and apartment building, the materials used had to meet stringent requirements and energy efficiency was a key priority. Certified ecologically sourced timber was used, for example, and sunlight is harnessed as a natural source of energy. Heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting can be individually adjusted to suit each office space, while the windows can be opened as required. With its low energy consumption, modern building services and natural indoor climate, EMPORIO is a clear winner for both tenants and the environment.

Overview of sustainability features:

  • Media services supplied via suspended ceilings
  • Heating/cooling ceilings
  • Solar shading within the façade
  • Opening windows
  • Room height > 2.75 metres
  • Cavity floor for IT cabling

Flexible spaces

Flexible spaces with 360° views

Your individual needs are paramount. Each of the EMPORIO Tower’s 23 upper storeys is bright, inviting and flooded with natural light and can be divided into three areas, making it possible to offer completely separate smaller rental units or one large space of up to 1,600 sq m. Whichever solution you choose, you will enjoy superb views across Hamburg: from the seventh floor up, every part of the EMPORIO Tower offers an unrivalled panorama of the city. 

Key facts at a glance:

  • Address: Dammtorwall 15, central Hamburg
  • Type of building: 24-storey office tower with underground car park
  • Height: 98 metres
  • Size of site: approx. 13,000 sq m
  • Office space: 35,511 sq m
  • Refurbishment completed in 2011
  • Acquired: 1989 for UniImmo: Deutschland
  • Architects: HPP Hentrich-Petschnigg & Partner GmbH & Co. KG

New build

A prime position in the EMPORIO new build

Key facts at a glance:
• Address: Dammtorwall 15, central Hamburg

• Type of building: 24-storey multi-tenant building with underground car park

• Office space: approx. 835 sq m

• Residential: approx. 4,000 sq m

• Hotel: approx. 325 rooms

• Underground car park: 3 levels = 355 spaces

• Completed: 2011

• Architects: Markovic Ronai Voss (MRLV)

NORD EVENT – Panoramic events

The event venue with a 360° view of the Alster lakes and city centre

The NORD EVENT panoramic event space lets you rise above the ordinary! This exclusive venue on the 23rd floor of the EMPORIO Tower is one of the highest event locations in Hamburg. Companies can celebrate and meet here across 1,000 sq m of space in the heart of the city – with excellent transport connections, high-quality furnishings and a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of Hamburg and the harbour.

Towering more than 100 metres above the ground, this modern, light-filled venue offers state-of-the-art event and conference facilities, meeting rooms of various sizes and a spacious lounge where guests can enjoy the spectacular 360° views.

Nord Event Panoramadeck at EMPORIO Tower.

From meetings, conferences, workshops and corporate events to press conferences, gala dinners, presentations and private parties – all events held here are of the very highest standard.

The operator of the panoramic event space, NORD EVENT GmbH, also manages the Great Hall in the basement which can host up to 500 people.

On the ground floor, the VLET cooking school offers a wide range of cookery courses. The school is fitted out with the very latest equipment and is also ideal for company cooking courses, kitchen parties and private dinners.

For more information, visit: www.nordevent.de

  • Event location at the Nord Event Panoramadeck EMPORIO Tower.
  • On the ground floor at EMPORIO Hamburg you find the VLET cooking school.

The Unilever building becomes EMPORIO

The office tower on Dammtorwall has been a feature of the Hamburg skyline for over 40 years. One of the city’s most prominent landmarks, it was awarded protected building status at the turn of the millennium.

From the Unilever building to EMPORIO

A visionary ensemble

Concerthall Laeiszhall with Emporio Tower Hamburg in the background.

The relocation of Unilever to a new building in HafenCity (next to the cruise ship terminal) opened up the opportunity for a spectacular new beginning. Behind the heritage-protected façade, one of Hamburg’s most ambitious refurbishments was undertaken, featuring a sustainable climate and energy concept every bit as ground-breaking as the timeless architecture itself.

To maximise the potential of one of Hamburg’s prime locations and make the site accessible to the public, a new building was constructed next to the high-rise on Dammtorwall containing offices, apartments and a hotel. Together they form EMPORIO, the prime address in central Hamburg.

Timeless architecture

Expansion of a classic building

EMPORIO was originally constructed between 1961 and 1964 as the prestigious German headquarters of Unilever. It was designed and built by Helmut Hentrich, an architect renowned for his eye-catching skyscrapers, and his Austrian partner, Hubert Petschnigg. Its design was unusual at the time and remains so today. The central core, which contains the lifts, is made up of three trapezium-shaped sections arranged in a triangle. A rectangular block projects from each side of the triangle. This balanced geometric figure, with its rotationally symmetrical axis and highly structured appearance, forms a timeless property that was granted protected status in 2000.

As part of the refurbishment by Union Investment Real Estate GmbH, a new wing-like building was constructed adjoining the EMPORIO Tower. Two new floors were also added to the main building, taking the skyscraper to 23 upper storeys in total.

  • Aerial view on Hamburg‘s EMPORIO quarter.
  • View on new Emporio building’s courtyard.

A proud history

EMPORIO – part of Hamburg’s heritage

Until the late 1950s, the site now occupied by EMPORIO was home to one of Hamburg’s last predominantly working class districts, characterised by narrow streets and cramped housing. The last non-prostitution zone outside the St. Pauli district also bordered the city centre here.


Margarine Union purchases 12,000 square metres of land for 3 million marks to erect a prestigious office building that will enhance the area. Tests with a captive balloon are used to determine the height of the future building and its potential impact on the cityscape. An architectural competition is launched.


Margarine Union acquires a further 2,500 square metres on Caffamacherreihe and Valentinskamp for 1.26 million marks to accommodate parking spaces and publicly accessible landscaped areas.


After more than two years of construction work, the Hamburg high-rise designed by Düsseldorf-based architects Hentrich & Petschnigg is ready for occupation.

It becomes the German headquarters of the Unilever Group and creates a new landmark in the city.


Union Investment Real Estate GmbH (then DIFA AG) acquires the building for its open-ended real estate fund UniImmo: Deutschland.


The high-rise block is granted protected status by Hamburg Department of Culture.


Following the departure of Unilever, Union Investment Real Estate GmbH commences extensive refurbishment work, with climate protection, energy efficiency and opening up the site to the public being key requirements, along with retention of the historic façade. The EMPORIO building creates history for the second time with its ground-breaking modernisation of the Hamburg cityscape. Instead of demolishing existing buildings, as in the past, the focus is on retaining and upgrading them in a sustainable manner.

Aerial view on Hamburg‘s EMPORIO quarter


Fazil Say plays on the roof of the EMPORIO building.

Video-preview-image: Fazil Say plays piano on top of EMPORIO Tower.


Official opening of the EMPORIO complex on 31 May 2012.

  • Picture 1: Opening address by Dr. Reinhard Kutscher, chairman of the executive board of Union Investment.
  • Picture 2: Impressions of the EMPORIO Hamburg opening celebration.
  • Picture 3: Music and entertainmant at Emporio Hamburg’s opening celebration.
  • Picture 4: Entertainment at EMPORIO Hamburg’s opening celebration.
  • Picture 5: Impressions of the EMPORIO Hamburg opening celebration.
  • Bild 6: High class culinary delights at EMPORIO Hamburg’s opening celebration.
  • Picture 7: Guests enjoy the spectacular view on Hamburg.
  • Picture 8: Impressions of the EMPORIO Hamburg opening celebration.

Good for the budget, good for the environment

Logo: Leed silver award.

Property management costs have long been a crucial factor for businesses when deciding where to locate. Appearance, prestige and convenience are all important requirements, but nowadays the location also needs to be economically viable. Here, too, EMPORIO is breaking new ground with a sustainable climate and energy concept that cuts the cost of cooling and heating by up to 64%. That represents a healthy saving.

The environment likewise benefits from a reduction of 1,678 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, making EMPORIO one of Hamburg’s most sustainable building complexes and setting an example for others to follow. It also means real advantages for your business.

LEED requirements include:
• Highly efficient energy recovery

• Energy-optimised façade featuring the latest technology

• Use of certified timber

• Installation of water-saving fixtures

• Rainwater harvesting system for plant watering

• Natural window ventilation

Green meetings at Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO

Do green meetings necessarily need to cost more?

Firstly, a precise definition of “green meetings” is needed because everyone understands the concept differently. Is the entire business designed to be sustainable (like Scandic)? Or are the providers “green” if they just do without table cloths, use energy saving light bulbs and serve tap water? In the latter case, a sustainable meeting doesn’t need to cost more. I would consider the first example to be a green meeting in the genuine sense, and from a financial point of view it means the business has made other investments – such as in materials, buildings, furnishings, the power supply, waste separation and catering (regional products, Fairtrade coffee, etc.). Given these costs, it's not possible to offer the cheapest prices. However, green meetings (at Scandic, at least) are normally not much more expensive than conventional meetings. In most cases, they are pitched at the same price level as equivalent competitors.

What do you think companies should be aware of when calculating costs?

As our meeting concept is based on a flat rate, it’s easy for customers to calculate the cost. However, if extra services are required over and above room hire, conference equipment, lunch, coffee breaks and soft drinks, additional costs may be incurred.

One of the most important things to consider when planning and booking a meeting is food and drink. What drinks are to be provided? Does the food need to be organic? Is anything special required in the coffee breaks? The size of the group and the preferred seating style are also key criteria, although these are important when planning any meeting, not just green ones.

Meeting planners who want to be environmentally friendly should also think about sustainable means of transport for the attendees. Other sustainability aspects that need to be considered are the documents provided (paper, digital?) and the materials (flip charts or pinboards?). Attendees are often given a gift at the end of the meeting, so the organisers should think about what would be suitable and how it should be given to the guest (placed in room, postage and packing costs if sent, etc.).

How do your guests respond to the green meeting concept?

Customers appreciate our focus on green meetings – but at Scandic, the whole business is designed to be green, not just the meetings concept. At the same time, we make sure that our sustainable way of doing business is not seen as intrusive or pushy. The sustainable elements are incorporated into the event as a matter of course, without making a fuss. They include the provision of filtered tap water, a central coffee break area where we provide coffee machines for freshly brewed coffee instead of thermos flasks, and a continuous supply of snacks that enables coffee breaks to be taken whenever convenient. This means we can avoid bringing in bottled water and also minimise food waste. Also included in our green meeting concept is the guarantee that the whole building is energy efficient in its construction, that we use only ecological power from Greenpeace Energy, that the guest rooms are up to 90% recyclable, that waste separation begins in the guest rooms and conference rooms, and so on. That commitment results in a green advantage for our customers.

How do companies benefit from green meetings?

They sharpen their own understanding of the subject. They make progress towards goals they may already have set themselves. They live their corporate social responsibility values and raise awareness among their employees.

Are there attractive flat rates for sustainable meetings?

Our flat rates cover the basic requirements for a successful meeting and are very competitive compared with our rivals in the industry. It’s important to remember that when businesses seek certification for green meetings nowadays, they are expected to demonstrate much higher standards of sustainability than in the past (earlier requirements focused on not having table cloths, introducing energy saving light bulbs, etc.).

A factor that affects our pricing is our choice to source 100% environmentally friendly power from Greenpeace Energy. However, the impact of this is not as serious as is often assumed and it also doesn’t mean that green meetings (with or without overnight accommodation) are much more expensive.

Do green meetings offer potential added value?

Depending on how you define a green meeting, sustainable and environmentally friendly behaviour always adds value. I believe that companies and customers can achieve added value by presenting themselves as sustainable and environmentally aware within their business segment – in fact, they probably need to do that. In my opinion, consistent action is important so that companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through their activities and intentions, rather than simply paying lip service to it. For example, this could be reflected in their pledge to always book certified sustainable meeting venues, even if they sometimes work out a little bit more expensive.

Why do you personally think the trend for green meetings is important?

With all the bad news we hear every day about the state of our environment, everyone needs to do their bit. We need to ask ourselves what we want to leave behind for future generations. I believe that (nearly) everyone can make a contribution. Green meetings that are part of a holistic sustainability concept are the right way for every company to make a contribution, at least in a workplace context.

Where are the problems when it comes to implementing green meetings in practice?

We make sure that we stringently adhere to our sustainability principles, but we don’t want to preach. Most customers appreciate this approach, even if sustainability isn’t at the top of their list of priorities. Sometimes we find that companies say they believe environmentally friendly behaviour is very important, but they still choose a cheaper, less green competitor for their meeting or event. That’s a shame, of course.

What is your USP in the green meetings segment?

The whole Scandic hotel chain has set itself the goal of becoming completely carbon neutral by 2025. Since we currently have around 230 hotels in Northern and Central Europe, that’s an ambitious target. You can find more information via the link below.

Find more information on sustainability at Scandic hotels here.

Answering the questions was: Madeleine Marx, General Manager, Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO

Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO: a pioneer in environmental protection and sustainability

The 340-room Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO, located on Gänsemarkt square in the heart of Hamburg, opened its doors in autumn 2012. Right from the start of the first building phase, the hotel took care to ensure that individual aesthetic preferences or short-term interests did not adversely affect sustainable construction of the building. As a result, the hotel was pre-certified Silver by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) in March 2011. The DGNB develops and promotes strategies and solutions for the sustainable planning, construction and use of buildings. Its work focuses on developing and expanding a certification system for sustainable buildings and issuing the relevant certificates.

In Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO, all of the 340 guest rooms, the public areas including the lobby and lounge, and the meeting and conference rooms meet high environmental standards in their use of natural and sustainable materials. All the materials are energy efficient and environmentally friendly with regard to manufacture, transportation, lifespan and recycling. They do not contain any substances that might cause allergies or harm the environment. The hotel also sorts waste in accordance with the proximity principle. The air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems are all designed for a long service life and easy maintenance. Energy is sourced from environmentally friendly partner companies, with Greenpeace Energy providing electricity to the hotel.

The hotel has been carefully designed with accessibility in mind so people with disabilities will always feel at home at Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO. Working in conjunction with Magnus Berglund – the hotel sector’s first Accessibility Ambassador – and disability organisations, hotel guests and the architects, Scandic developed a 135-point plan to make the hotel more accessible for guests with special needs. A high degree of flexibility is ensured through the provision of 33 specially adapted accessible guest rooms, extra wide corridors, lower desks and tables, and Braille to help visually impaired people find their way around the building. Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO was assessed at the end of 2014 and rated as “accessible for people with mobility difficulties” and “accessible for wheelchair users” by Hamburg Tourismus GmbH, a partner in the Travel for All initiative. Scandic’s accessibility concept received further recognition at the beginning of 2015 when the Group was presented with a “Golden Wheelchair” award.

Environmentally friendly down to the last detail

In the H2O restaurant at Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO, guests can watch the chefs prepare new German cuisine with a Scandinavian twist as well as international dishes in the open kitchen. Much of the produce is organic, with most of it sourced from the local region. These healthy organic ingredients guarantee a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Gluten-free bread and lactose-free milk are also provided. Many of the ingredients, such as the coffee, are also Fairtrade certified.

The food and beverage concept also extends to the hotel’s meeting facilities. In addition to state-of-the-art technology, sustainability is a priority here as well. ECO-certified meeting materials, seasonal and energy-rich snacks, Fairtrade coffee and Scandic water bottled in-house are all provided. The water is chilled and filtered, allowing it to retain essential minerals and salts. The water bottles were designed by Swedish Olympic swimmer Therese Alshammar and are made from blown recycled glass with a recycled plastic cap. Ten cents from every bottle sold go to the Scandic Sustainability Fund, which supports initiatives for a more sustainable society.

The Scandic sustainability policy

The Scandic brand has gained a worldwide reputation as a pioneer in environmental protection and is thus a perfect fit with EMPORIO’s sustainability concept. Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO was one of the first hotels to be pre-certified Silver by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). “The new Scandic hotel in Hamburg stands out for a range of ecological quality criteria and its economic efficiency,” said Christine Lemaitre, CEO of the DGNB, which has been awarding certificates in the hotel category since the beginning of the year. “We have established a standard for environmentally-friendly implementation of new builds, refurbishments and facilities,” said Michel Schutzbach, Vice President of Scandic Hotels Europe.

Leading Scandinavian hotel operator Scandic developed a holistic environmental and sustainability policy in 1994 which is strictly applied across all the Group’s properties. There is a particular emphasis on reducing water and energy consumption in the company’s hotels and cutting carbon emissions.

The Scandic Environmental Refurbishment Equipment and Construction Standard (SERECS) served as a guide during construction of the hotel in the EMPORIO complex. This standard defines the use and specification of various materials, which in some cases already correspond to the DGNB criteria. The newly built hotel was positively assessed by the DGNB for its sociocultural and functional quality thanks to its high level of comfort, in particular with regard to temperature, acoustics, light distribution, user-friendliness and suitability for people with disabilities.

Consumption monitoring

In terms of technical quality, the new build was recognised for its good energy balance. Since 1996, all Scandic hotels have reported monthly statistics on their energy and water consumption, quantity of waste and use of detergents (consumption monitoring). This data has been published on the Scandic website since 2008.

Also highly rated by the DGNB were the town planning competition to find an infill blueprint for the EMPORIO site prior to the revitalisation project, together with the creation of a waste management concept, the design of a measurement system for operational and consumption figures, a cleaning concept and independent monitoring of planning and construction quality. The EMPORIO complex comprises a 24-floor refurbished office tower and a new build containing the Scandic hotel and apartments.

Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO

The hotel has been a prime destination for business travellers and tourists since autumn 2012. Situated in the centre of the city near Gänsemarkt square, it features 340 light-filled rooms, a 700-square-metre conference area with eight conference rooms, a health spa with gym, sauna and relaxation area, and the H2O restaurant, bar and lounge.

Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO

New and focused on the future!

The Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO takes ecological, economic and social factors into account as part of its corporate philosophy. The hotel combines contemporary design and sustainability in its theme of “water”, offering its guests a unique hotel experience. Around 100 employees are dedicated to taking care of the hotel’s guests.

  • Picture 1: The H2O bar at Scandic Hotel EMPORIO quarter.
  • Picture 2: Nicely furnished hotel lobby
  • Picture 3: Main entrance to hotel Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO
  • Picture 4: EMPORIO meeting room Ostsee.
  • Picture 5: Scandic Hotel Hamburg EMPORIO’s restaurant H2O.
  • Picture 6: Scandic hotel bycicle rental
  • Picture 7: Open air restaurant at EMPORIO.
  • Picture 8: Fitness area at Scandic Hotel EMPORIO.

“Where water meets water”

Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO is a peaceful and sophisticated oasis in the city for business and leisure travellers alike. The dominant theme of water is reflected in the design of each of the eight floors. The colour scheme of the corridors and carpets allows guests to immerse themselves in an ocean environment and was designed by artist Jesper Waldersten. Each of the 340 guest rooms has a minimum size of 24 square metres and is an inviting space featuring a bright, high-quality interior made from natural wood and fabrics in fresh colours. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide spectacular views and allow light to flood in.

  • Picture of a Scandic Family Superior Room
  • Picture of a Scandic Junior Suite
  • Scandic Hotel Hamburg EMPORIO bathroom.
  • Impressions of a Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO Junior Suite.
  • Scandic Art room by Bobbie Serano.
  • Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO standard room.
  • Scandic art room by Nelio.
  • Scandic art room by Christian Rothenhagen.

H2O restaurant, bar & lounge

The H2O restaurant on the ground floor offers a sophisticated food and beverage concept comprising regional cuisine with a Swedish twist.
The live cooking station gives guests the opportunity to watch the hotel’s chefs at work. Meals can also be enjoyed out on the inner courtyard terrace on warm days. The H2O bar and lounge is located next to the restaurant and is a great place to relax and enjoy the lounge music and free wi-fi.

Creative meetings high above the Hamburg skyline

Meetings are held on the seventh floor of the Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO – with a stunning view of the Hamburg skyline. There are eight separate conference rooms, all of which are designed to reflect the theme of water – in keeping with the rest of the hotel. In addition to state-of-the-art technology, sustainability is a priority for meetings at Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO. ECO-certified meeting materials, Fairtrade coffee and Scandic water bottled in-house are all provided. Healthy, seasonal snacks round off the meeting concept and ensure a wholesome energy boost during break times.

  • Picture 1: EMPORIO meeting room Alster.
  • Picture 2: Meeting room Binnen- und Außenalster.
  • Picture 3: Meeting room Blomen.
  • Picture 4: Meeting room Elbe.
  • Bild 5: Meeting room Nordsee.
  • Picture 6: View on chairs in meeting room Nordsee.
  • Picture 7: View on rows of chairs in meeting room Planten un Blomen.

More information about Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO is available here:

About the Scandic Hotels Group

With over 230 hotels in 7 countries, Scandic is the market leader in Scandinavia and one of the largest hotel operators in Europe. The modern hotel group combines Scandinavian design with a comprehensive sustainability concept, for which it received a German Sustainability Award nomination in 2014. In Germany, Scandic operates two hotels in Berlin, one in Hamburg and one in Frankfurt is coming soon.

Commitment to Hamburg

Despite its international focus, Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO is clearly committed to its location, Hamburg, and to the sustainable performance of the city, which won the title of European Green Capital in 2011. Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO has been a member of the “Hamburg Environmental Partnership: Project 2011” since July 2011. The Hamburg Environmental Partnership was established in 2003 and currently has around 700 Hamburg-based businesses and companies as members. It set up Project 2011 in June 2010, which offered partners the opportunity to combine their environmental commitment with the city’s activities to mark European Green Capital year in 2011. 

Owner and management

Responsible real estate management requires a property owner to keep a close eye on the needs of tenants, the quality of the building and its surroundings, and also on commercial parameters. Accordingly, Union Investment believes that active ownership is the key to success.

Aerial view on Hamburg‘s EMPORIO quarter

Union Investment Real Estate GmbH

Union Investment provides customised real estate solutions to meet the requirements of private and institutional asset allocation. Thanks to an internationally diversified property portfolio spread across 24 national markets, we can leverage the opportunities arising from global market cycles for the benefit of our customers. In-depth market knowledge and an investment strategy based on the presence of our teams and strong cooperation partners in our target markets help us deliver high returns.

Service & contact

Interested in EMPORIO Hamburg and want to arrange a personal viewing to experience the exciting opportunities it offers?


Christian Born

Union Investment Real Estate GmbH
Valentinskamp 70
20355 Hamburg


Press contact

Fabian Hellbusch

Real Estate Marketing, Communication

Valentinskamp 70/EMPORIO
20355 Hamburg, Germany



Dammtorwall 15
20355 Hamburg, Germany

To Google Maps route planner

The easiest way to reach EMPORIO Hamburg is by public transport. It is four minutes from the main railway station on subway line U2. Get off at Gänsemarkt station and follow the signs for Valentinskamp and the EMPORIO exit.